The Skinny Jean Goes Corduroy

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If you think skinny jeans are only for casual looks, think again!  The Regina Corduroy Jeans are the perfect choice for rocking a hot trend, even when you need a more glamorous look.

These cotton blend skinny jeans have a five pocket design, a button and zip fly, and are designed to have the skin tight fit you love in your favorite skinny jeans.  The difference is, you also get the textured look of corduroy for a much more put together look.


Cords give you all you need for great dressy looks.  A simple sweater is an easy to wear style that matches these cords perfectly.  If you are looking for a look that works for the office, a silky button down shirt with a cropped blazer creates a bold yet balanced look.

If you want an edgy look, these jeans will help you pull that off as well.  A lacy top in your favorite color paired with a moto jacket and booties gives you the perfect date night look, and makes sure your outfit is never boring.

The dark blue color of these jeans lets you wear them with many different colors.  You can add a blue and white striped top for a nautical look, or go with a bold red with white accessories for a completely put together look.

Many people think that corduroys have to be bulky, but these jeans prove that is not the case.  The skin tight fit ensures that there is no added bulk, helping you to look slim and trim no matter what look you are going for.

When wearing skinny jeans, you can make the look with heels, pumps, booties, or even tuck them into boots for a cute look for winter.  If you want to make your legs appear even longer, go for stilettos to really add the inches.

Skinny jeans look great on nearly any shape and size, as long as you know how to wear them.  The key to looking great in skinnies is to make sure they fit properly.  No matter what your size, if you buy a size too small, you will end up with muffin top, and some rather unsightly bulges.

You also have to make sure they are not too big, as this will make you look larger than you really are.  Either way, you are sure to love this new take on skinny jeans.

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